Life is Beautiful

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here as we’ve been preparing for our upcoming Vacation, which starts tomorrow! We are headed to Hawaii!!! It will be both Brandon and I’s first time there. He got tasked there for work and of course I chose to accompany him on this temporary assignment, wouldn’t you?!?! We will be taking the opportunity to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, which is in October, early. Therefore, it should be quite the trip and we are very excited to get away.

I didn’t have a lot of time to gather my thoughts for a blog posting this week but I at least wanted to touch base and give you all some words of inspiration. Below is a message I recently read from a blog post I follow. It spoke to me and I wanted to share it on my blog in case it would happen to do the same to any of you.

Read it slowly and give it some thought…

Everything happens for a reason, trust and enjoy the journey!

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There are so many things that we would never do unless we were down to our last straw….and pushed to the very edge until there was nothing left to do but to find a better way.

We often get complacent when we are too comfortable.

Discomfort leads to movement and action and change. Discomfort makes us get up and do big things to make things better. So often, discomfort is a humongous gift in our lives!

Be thankful for all of the places in your life that feel uncomfortable, confusing or even painful….those feelings are catalysts for change and can be fuel to get you on the road to where you want to be. Ask yourself honestly…”would I really have done _______had I not been in an uncomfortable place that I wanted to get out of?”

You can start to see how life makes sense…how even the stuff that we don’t like is a big part of the stuff that we love.

Life is really so beautiful. All of it.

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This IS beautiful and I can relate and apply to my life in so many ways. Thanks for being “right on time”…I needed this! Hope you have the most amazing time ever in Hawaii!


Completely spoke to me ……Thanks for sharing Tina! 😊 Have a wonderful trip.