Be Happy

We live in a very crazy, hectic world don’t we? Especially during the summers.

This summer has been extremely busy for us already and is not going to slow down anytime soon. But that’s ok! Everything we are busy with gives us a chance to make new memories and enjoy life. Between the weddings, family trips, baby showers, and other fun summer activities going on, we are go-go-go. As we start to prepare our house for our little bundle of joy that will arrive here in October that just adds some additional tasks to our to-do-list. You know…for babies being so small they sure do need a lot of stuff!!

I know that each and every one of you are also probably having a busy summer and on the go constantly. That’s why I wanted to share a little wellness tip to keep your spirits high. Try to continually find a positive in every situation you are faced with and remember to give yourself credit for what you accomplish in a day, never diminish your hard work or efforts.

With that said, here’s a post to remind you of how truly AWESOME YOU ARE each and every day!


Try not to think about all of the things that you have to do for the next year or the next month or the next week to get where you are hoping to be. 

Try to just think about today. 

Try not to get overwhelmed by big bills in your mailbox or a long weight-loss journey or a chronic illness or a difficult relationship.

And just think about how to do it today.

There’s no reason to worry or wonder or make yourself sick with ‘what if this happens?’ kinds of feelings. 

Just do what you can do today and then let it go. Do your best and let that be enough.

All you can do is all you can do, and there’s no more that you can do. But you CAN choose to do that ‘all’ with a smile on your face and an optimistic attitude, and peace in your heart, and even a funky little dance in your step, knowing that you did everything that you could and that tomorrow you will do all that you can again, and that it will be absolutely enough.

Be at peace. Be happy. All is well.


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Thanks lady, you are pretty awesome yourself!


Hey i lost your recipe for the bars could you send them again