I’m a woman living in this crazy, fast paced world we all live in hoping to teach people that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. My passion in life is to inspire others to create a positive change in their life in order to find true happiness and overall wellness. I’m a military spouse and a momma to one, happy little boy. Over the years I’ve both succeeded and failed when it came to finding balance in my own life.  Through our journey in the military and various family related health issues, I’ve faced stress head on and unfortunately have seen what negative effects it can have on the body.

I have a master’s degree in Exercise & Wellness. For years my focus was on the fitness aspect of health. I worked in multiple gyms, taught exercise classes, conducted personal training sessions, and devoted my focus to the physical aspect of health. Then, as life went on and I started shifting my focus towards the nutrition side of health. I began to see the effects of how food could heal the body both physically and mentally.

What is the purpose of this site?

Life is journey and it’s our decision to make the best choices we can. We all get lost in the stress of life and can forget such perspectives so that’s where friends and family come in to help guide us back. My goal is to be another voice to guide you in the right direction and inspire you to push through when life gets hard. Life is worth the fight, never give up on what you believe in. I want to educate you as well as motivate you to make the best out of your life and to encourage you to be the healthiest version of yourself that you can be.

Throughout your journey always continue to be yourself and don’t lose sight of who you are along the way.