Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard and it’s my passion to show others how to create a change in their life, big or small, in order to find overall wellness. I’m a military spouse and a mom who’s dealt with my own health struggles. Over the years I’ve both succeeded and failed when it came to finding balance in my own life. From living overseas, to struggling with infertility, facing a deployment, dealing with cancer within the family, and then my husbands diagnosis/recovery with Guillain-Barre Syndrome – I’ve faced stress head on and seen its negative effects on the body.

My original focus in the health industry started with the fitness aspect of health where I studied Exercise Science as an undergraduate student. Then it eventually evolved into more of a wellness approach to health where I went on to obtain my master’s degree in Exercise & Wellness. I taught group fitness classes and instructed personal training sessions for 10 years before realizing my true heart lies in the nutritional aspect of health, which is why I’m training to be a nutrition coach.

I’ve witnessed the effects of stress and seen how food can heal such destruction on the body both physically and mentally. My goal is to not only share what I’ve learned but also to be that person in your life that actually listens to your struggles and helps you find your balance.

About the Website

On this site you’ll find blog posts regarding what I’m currently reading and doing in my own life. In the essential oils section you’ll find information regarding the purpose behind oils as well as a place to sign up or order from if your heart so desires. My family has been using essential oils and other products from Young Living for over 3 years. The videos section will feature personal experiences with products and reviews as well as tips and tricks when it comes to nutrition. The services tab will continue to be a work in progress as I work towards finishing my nutrition program I’m currently enrolled in.