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The FDA has finalized the new nutrition labels after years of committees working towards this goal. Packaged food companies have 2 years to incorporate the new label changes into their products.


What are the changes?

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1. The inclusion of added sugars

Now both naturally occurring and added sugars have to be labeled.

2. Revised serving sizes

This was changed to reflect actual serving sizes that people eat.

3. Added micro-nutrients

Vitamin D and Potassium because most people are deficient in these nutrients.

4. Removed micro-nutrients

Vitamin C and A because it’s believed most people get adequate amounts of these nutrients.

5. Actual quantities of micro-nutrients listed

The new labels will reflect both % and mcg/mg amounts.

6. Daily values updated

Vitamin D, Sodium, and Fiber values increased to be consistent with Dietary Guidelines.

7. Increased font of calories and servings

To allow for consumers to be more aware of the numbers.

8. Calories from fat removed

Research shows that the type of fat not the amount of fat is what matters.

*The footnote has also been updated to reflect what the percent daily value means more clearly.


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