Anyone else sad the Olympics is over?!?! I AM!

Team USA dominated in Rio this year. What was your favorite sport to watch?

Mine, which you could probably guess if you know me, was gymnastics. Oh my gosh, if you got to see any of the USA gymnasts compete you would not have forgotten it because they are amazing. Two words…Simone Biles! Ugh, so good.

Anyways, back on topic here, the real reason for this post is to talk about acupuncture/cupping therapy. Did any of you notice the cupping marks on athletes this year at the olympics? Particularly in the swimmers especially; take a look a Michael Phelps below.


(photo by:

Cupping Therapy

See those red circular bruises above on his shoulder? Well, that’s a result of cupping therapy which occurs from suction marks of cups. Supporters of this technique believe that the suction actually mobilizes blood flow to that particular area which in turn promotes healing or relief from things such as muscle soreness.

According to this article there are mixed reviews regarding whether this technique is actually effective. As with many alternative therapies it ultimately comes down to what works best for YOU and YOUR body.



Above is a picture of me from my 1st cupping session. From my hubby’s deployment last year I had a lot of built up stress in my body and it was being stored in my back/shoulders. I was having trouble relieving it with massages so I sought out an acupuncturist.

Long story short here, it totally worked for my body!

If you’re struggling with joint and muscle pain, stiffness, tension headaches, or migraines it may be worth a try if you haven’t found a successful solution yet for yourself. It’s painless, relaxing, and super effective (I think so anyways). Could be worth a shot if you are constantly fighting your body and/or holding stress in like I was.



In conjunction with cupping I started doing acupuncture as well. I highly recommend acupuncture as well if you have never tried it. What is it? Basically, needles are placed into your body to modify the flow of energy in order to relieve physical or emotional ailments.

I started doing acupuncture regularly at the beginning of this year and have been going monthly ever since. My initial reason for getting it done was to again, help eliminate muscle pain from stress, but also for fertility reasons. We were struggling to conceive and I knew my body needed some help both emotionally and physically.

In February we found out we were pregnant, who knows if it was from acupuncture or the universe aligning and timing finally being right. However, what I can say is that acupuncture has made for an amazing journey throughout this pregnancy. Even ask my husband, he said this past year (since I’ve been doing acupuncture) that I have been more emotionally stable than I’ve been in a really long time. That’s saying something right there considering I am pregnant and I have an influx of hormones right now!


I encourage you all to take some time and really evaluate your health and figure out what’s been going on with your body. How do you feel? Are your shoulders tense? Are you constantly fatigued? If so, it’s time to show your body some love and schedule yourself that much needed “me time”. I learned first hand last year what stress can do to your body and the results are not good. In order to help others you must first take care of yourself.

Are you struggling with anything emotionally or physically right now? If so, don’t be afraid to go out and seek some help. Schedule that massage you’ve been meaning to do, make an appointment to go see the doctor, or maybe try out acupuncture or cupping. Find what works for you.

We all get in funks and let our health go in times of stress when life gets hectic. If that’s happened to you go out and take control of your body again!

I’m rooting for you all the way!! YOU CAN DO IT!


“It’s never to early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you”




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