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If you read my last post and logged into the sight given maybe you were able catch a few of the cancer document series that recently aired. If you did, I hope you found them informative and got to learn at least 1 thing new which will help either you, members of your family, or friends who you love fight the dreaded disease. I missed a few episodes because they aired on my hubby’s birthday weekend and we were out celebrating. However, the ones I was able to watch I found extremely fascinating and worth while!

If you’ve looked around the blog you may have seen that I use and am a huge fan of incorporating essential oils into my lifestyle. It took Brandon, my husband, a while to believe they weren’t some crazy witch voodoo act but he is FINALLY a believer! For the longest time he wouldn’t even try them. Then, one day he came home and said he had a really bad headache and needed to lie down. I asked him if I could rub some lavender and peppermint on his temples/neck and he said YES!!! I couldn’t believe it! He finally agreed to try them because he was so desperate that day and guess what?!? Ever since then he has been a believer (insert happy wife dance here)!

Maybe you were able to catch the document series episode where they talked a lot about the natural healing properties of essential oils and their benefits in fighting things such as infections, viruses, digestion problems, etc. The benefits go on and on and each oil has its own set of uses. I just wanted to share with you all that I promise you these essential oils are not a gimmick! I have my own set of testimonials with these oils that have helped me in more ways than one. These oils are here to stay and have been around since the early B.C. years. When you run into trouble with oils is when you buy cheap, synthetic oils that are potentially toxic. Therefore, it is very important to use only high quality essential oils from a trusted source.

I started my journey with essential oils in January 2015 and I am constantly learning! The knowledge that comes with using essential oils is endless. It has become one of my favorite hobbies and it makes my family healthier which is a huge perk too! When I first started my journey I had no one to turn to or ask questions to. I felt alone in the process and completely overwhelmed. I love these oils so much and don’t want that scenario to ever happen to any of you so just know…if you ever choose to start a journey incorporating essential oils into your life know that you are not alone. Now that I have gotten a better handle on how to use essential oils my journey has just begun; they will be in my life forever!


In the resource section of the blog I’ve posted a podcast episode in the past that is a great source to help you learn more if you’re interested. It’s called “everything you need to know about essential oils”. After this entry posts I will also be adding some new podcast episodes on a few of my favorite oils.

Frankincense – great for stress, stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, and scrapes

Lavender – great for stress, sleep issues, cuts, sunburns, headaches, and cramps

Lemon – great for energy loss, anxiety, household cleaning, infections, and insect bites

Peppermint – great for headaches, stress, odors, colds, indigestion, soreness, and aches/pains

Everyone has their own tips/tricks to leading a healthier lifestyle. There is no right answer besides the one that works for you, your body, and your lifestyle. Everyone is different. Find what best suits you, whether that includes oils or not, but know that these oils aren’t false hope because they truly work!

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