About Essential Oils

I’ve recently came across this podcast show and I absolutely LOVE IT!

When I first began using essential oils I looked for a podcast to help me get started but there was nothing available in regards to what I was looking for. After a year on my own experimenting with the oils I decided to try my search again and low and behold I found Samantha Wright’s podcast: The Essential Oil Revolution.

Below is a link to the podcast audio version on her website. This is a great first episode to listen to if you’re interested in learning more about essential oils and gathering safety tips on how to use them.


If you’re like me and enjoy listening to podcasts on the go whether it’s commuting in the car, walking outside, cooking in the kitchen then:

eo rev podcast

(photo by: revolutionoils.com) 


1. download the podcast app onto your phone/ipad

2. search for The Essential Oil Revolution

3. click subscribe to sign up for free!

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