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A while back my mom got started using a FoodSaver and she would always tell me about what she was using it for. I quickly began getting interested in one after I started hearing about what you could do with a FoodSaver so she sent me one for my birthday in May.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with it since then and have been using it for so many things these days. It comes in handy a lot AND saves time plus money – who doesn’t love that! Like anything new, it’s definitely intimidating at first and a tad overwhelming but once you get the hang of it it’s super easy.

If you know anything about a FoodSaver you probably know the most common thing it’s used for is to freeze and store leftovers/extra food. BUT what you probably don’t know about it (and neither did I) is that it can be used for daily purposes too such as:

– preserving your fruits and veggies in the fridge

– preserving your snacks in the cabinet (nuts, seeds, rice, crackers, dried fruit)

– marinating your meats in minutes versus hours

– canning and storing food, drinks, or sauces in a jar


I wanted to share some pictures and favorite things I’ve been using mine for lately.




I can pre-make smoothies ahead of time and use the canning attachment on the FoodSaver to keep the smoothies fresh all week! This way I don’t have to make a new one everyday, I can make multiple batches at once and drink throughout the week as desired.




Ever heard of salads in a jar? You put all the wet ingredients on the bottom and stack upwards to finish with the lettuce so it doesn’t get soggy. Well, it’s the same concept except, again with the canning attachment on the machine, I can make my salads last longer and stay fresh longer. I can put an avocado in the salad too and it’s bright green still after multiple days instead of brown like it normally would be.



IMG_5226  IMG_5227

Whether it’s nut/oat snack balls (shown on the left) or granola bars (shown on the right), I can double or triple my normal batches and save the rest for later! That way I only make a mess one time, that’s my favorite part…less cleanup time 🙂




My spinach and fresh berries last twice as long in these canisters!

{My hubby has been enjoying buying large quantities of meat at Costco or wherever and storing them in the freezer for later. That way he always has some on hand (especially for the upcoming football season) because he loves to grill! I’ve also been storing a lot of our leftovers in the freezer in preparation for meals when baby arrives so we can still eat healthy and stay on track.}


Interested in learning more?

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Hi Tina!
The nut/oat snack balls look about a recipe and nutrition information?
Hope you are well,
Diane Ast