Frankincense Oil


Just in case you missed my post last month on Lavender, every month I’ll be sharing tips/tricks on uses for a new essential oil. This month it’s Frankincense! If you are new to essential oils the #1 oil I would have you start with is Lavender because it can be used for seriously freaking everything!! Depending upon your emotional/physical needs, Frankincense would also be on my list of recommendations for you to start with.


Most common uses for Frankincense:

age spots


stretch marks

acne/oily skin





Frankincense is used to affect our emotional balance, immune system, and nervous system. It’s great for the skin and is also used to increase spiritual awareness or meditation. It can be applied directly to the area of concern, diffused, or taken internally.


Ways I currently use Frankincense:

– in my pregnancy belly butter lotion I make

– in my sugar scrub I use on my face 2-3x/week


This weekend I’m planning on trying out the recipe below since I’ve started noticing some wrinkles and darker circles around my eyes.


Interested in learning more about the history, chemistry, and uses of Frankincense oil?

Listen to the podcast below:


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