The Food Babe…she always teaches me something new with every post she does. In one of her most recent posts she discussed glyphosate. It’s alarming to me that even in brands we think are trustworthy there are still ingredients in their products that are poisonous to our health. In the following post she shares data that portrays alarming amounts of glyphosate found in our food products today.

What on earth is glyphosate? Well, it’s a weed killer a.k.a. Roundup.

The Food Babe states that according to research glyphosate amounts of 0.1 parts per billion are hazardous to our health. Do you want to know the scary part? The FDA tested various foods found in America and found values as high as 1,000 parts per billion in certain products today. Are you kidding me!!! Does this not make anyone else furious? Why would this product even be put on the shelf then for people to buy? Why is it ok to put toxic chemical ingredients in our food?


Check out the values for yourself:

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What is the problem with glyphosate?

* it’s linked to cancer and has been deemed a carcinogen

* research indicates it to be a hormone disruptor that can lead to reproductive problems, diabetes, and obesity

* it’s an antibiotic that kills the good bacteria in your gut, thus leading to inflammation


What can we do to help?

Share this information with others! Join the Food Babe army in bringing awareness to threats like this one. Manufacturers don’t want the public to know this information because it would affect their profits but the truth is, these companies are poisoning Americans and getting away with it!!!

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