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Have you ever noticed how watching t.v. or looking at your phone/ipad/computer before bed can disrupt your sleep? If not, tonight or next time you do any of the above before you crawl into bed for the night observe how it affects you. Maybe it will take you longer to fall asleep. Maybe you will fall asleep right away but wake up a few hours later with disrupted sleep. Either way I urge you to take notice.

I have definitely noticed that if I watch t.v. or work on my laptop for an extended period of time before bed that my brain has a hard time shutting off at night. It’s stimulated and I can tell my melatonin levels are off. I was doing a pretty good job of trying to avoid electronics and t.v. for 45 minutes to an hour before bed pre-baby. However, now post-baby I’ve noticed I tend to be on my computer/phone later in the evening once our son falls asleep. Being a new mom my sleep is already disrupted and my window to get sleep in is small, so the last thing I want or need is to have troubles falling asleep.

I don’t foresee me being able to get much done during the day as a stay at home mommy besides the basic essentials, so I think it’s time I try out some blue light blocking orange glasses such as these.


I’ve been wanting to try these ever since my mom and I started following Dave Asprey, the guy who invented Bulletproof coffee, a few years back. He wears glasses like the ones above quite often and does so because of the fact that light acts as a stressor on the brain. The stress on the brain then causes the brain to work harder and become overactive, thus slowing down productivity.

Once it gets dark of an evening and I know I need to get something done on the computer or I want to stay up late watching a movie I think I might try these out. I’m curious to see how it will affect my sleep. For $10 on Amazon, I figure what could it hurt to try. I may look funny doing it but hey, if it helps me sleep I’m all for it.

According to the Real Food RN, scientists now have evidence that blue light at night has harmful effects on our health due to the disruptions it causes to our sleep.


Harmful Effects of Blue Light at Night


Metabolic syndrome


Cardiovascular problems

High blood pressure



Heart disease

Of course the best solution to this problem would be to eliminate exposure of blue lights after dark completely. However, I know many of us like to unwind watching t.v. at night and/or get things done while the kids are asleep like I mentioned before. These habits don’t help in eliminating your exposure so here are some suggestions that may help:

1. limit exposure to blue lights at least an hour before bedtime if not more

2. replace lamp lights with orange bulbs

3. dim overhead lights in the house a few hours before bedtime

4. try out some blue light blocking glasses


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