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As a stay at home mommy there are definite pros and cons to being home with my son. An obvious pro is being able to watch my child grow and witness his milestone moments. A con would be having to maintain a budget with being a single income family. My health and the health of my family is something I refuse to be cheap with because eating healthy can drastically change your life. Whether it’s on your mental, physical, or spiritual well being…eating healthy has an effect on all of these things. I’d rather give up something materialistic to save money in order to use that extra money on disease prevention by eating healthy. So when I come along articles like the one below I’m immediately drawn to them to see if I can learn something new in regards to eating healthy on a budget.

Most of us can’t afford to buy every single thing organic, nor do I think it’s necessary. However, there are certain items I do prefer to buy organic such as tomatoes, peppers, and berries for example. Why those? Well, they have a softer, more porous skin that allow for pesticide absorption rather than something like a melon, avocado, or banana with a harder skin.  Therefore, I choose to buy them organic to avoid pesticide exposure as much as possible.

The article above lists a ton of great tips on how to eat healthy on a budget. Take a glance at it and see how many you are currently doing today, maybe you will learn something new!


How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

1. Plan your meals ahead of time

(this is crucial to staying on track with a healthy diet!)


2. Shop smart

(don’t shop hungry and stick to the perimeter of the store not the aisles)


3. Eat out less

(try to make it a special treat to eat out and not a regular occurrence)


4. Find ways to utilize leftovers

(eat them for lunch the following day)


5. Learn to master different cuts of meat

(such as canned and frozen options)


6. Shop for in-season produce

(buy in bulk and freeze for later use, it’s cheaper in season)


7. Watch for sales

(get to know the stores around you and shop the best prices)


8. Become a regular at your local farmers market

(or look into getting a CSA farm box)

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