Negative Thoughts

With all of the recent health scares my dad has currently had, this article spoke loudly to me and I’ve read it multiple times. I wanted to share it will all of you in case you’re dealing with something scary in your life right now. No matter how big or small the issue is, if it leads to fear and/or negative thoughts just know that you can and will get past it. You have the power to do so and here are a few tips on how to move forward in overcoming those thoughts:

The article is short, take some time to read it but also to digest it.


Here are a few of my favorite highlights from it:

“…your negative thoughts don’t come from you. They come from consciousness. They pop in at random times or, for some, more frequently. They are like an unwanted surprise guest that show up at your front door to tell you how weak, unworthy, insignificant and incapable you are. But here’s the deal. Like any unwanted surprise guest you decide whether or not to entertain them. A thought’s power only comes from the power you give it. You don’t have to give your negative thoughts power. You can ignore them. You can see them for what they truly are: lies, lies, lies.”

“Fear is a liar and if you struggle with fear and negative thoughts, it’s because you believe the lies that they tell.

Fear stands for:

 False   –  Evidence  –  Appearing  –  Real

Fear looks and feels true but it isn’t.”

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