Lavender Oil


After the Young Living Conference I attended last month I got a great idea from one of the lectures I attended! Basically each month you focus on a single oil and challenge yourself to use it in ways you haven’t before to learn new tips/tricks/hacks/etc. So, with that said, this month I chose Lavender to start with because you can’t go wrong with Lavender and it can be used for seriously almost everything!!

Posted above are 10 different ways to use Lavender. If you use essential oils and have Lavender on hand I challenge you to try something new!


For my new recipe this month I chose to add Lavender to my mascara which I’ve heard from many people can potentially lead to longer, fuller lashes. Here goes nothing, what could it hurt. Fingers crossed it works because that would be AMAZING!

lavender mascara

I’ve posted this podcast before but it’s never a bad thing to re-listen to in case you missed something the first time. If you are interested in learning more about Lavender, check out the link below to find the podcast.

Happy oily adventures 🙂


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