Lemon Oil


This month’s oil recognition is on Lemon!

Similar to Lavender, Lemon essential oil can be used for soooo many things.


Lemon can help to:

improve clarity/memory

increase energy

ease digestive problems

decrease anxiety/stress

improve respiratory problems

ease sore throats

keep things clean 


Besides diffusing it in the morning to get the day started, I love using it in my water. Just add 1-2 drops in your water and enjoy the extra pick-me-up 🙂 I also LOVE to use it as a cleaner for seriously everything! It helps in removing gum, stains, oil, and grease spots. Next time you have a oil spot on your shirt, place a drop of lemon oil on the spot and throw it in the washer and wait for the results you’ll see.

It’s great when you need to get those annoying little stickers off things like containers you just bought. Just place a few drops onto the sticker, rub the oil in, and use a cloth or your fingers to peel it off. It’s better than goo-gone! It’s also really great for build up on your oven burners. Mine always seem to build up gunk so lemon oil to the rescue!!! If it’s really bad add a little baking soda to the mix, let it sit, then scrub away.

I haven’t tried using lemon essential oil in my dishwasher but I’m gonna try it this week because here in California where we live we deal with hard water. Crossing my fingers it works because every once in a while I have to do vinegar washes with our glass jars/containers.


Looking for more tips/tricks?!?

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