Mindful Eating

Being mindful is something that doesn’t come overnight, it takes practice and hard work. Like the above quote states – it’s not difficult, we just need to remember to do it. You are going to have to work at it. Whether it’s being mindful in your eating, daily surroundings, delivering a baby, etc. It takes time!

In terms of mindful eating, I encourage you all to listen to this 26 minute podcast about the topic. I love listening to podcasts and actually found this particular episode on one of my essential oil podcasts, which was a nice little surprise. Download it and listen to it while you are outside walking the dog, driving in the car, or simply at home doing the dishes. You can do it, you’ll thank me later!



A few of my favorite takeaway points:


* eat only when you are hungry

* stop eating when you are full

* check in with yourself during the meal

* eat with no distractions (such as t.v.)



When you sit down to eat ask yourself:

1. How hungry am I?

2. What food does my body need right now?


As you’re eating, ask yourself:

1. What does the food taste like?

2. What texture is the food?

3. Am I enjoying the food I’m eating?



“Life is the sum total of all our choices”

“Every time you eat or drink something you are either feeding disease or fighting it”

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