No Fear

Jon Gordon states in his newsletter, “the New Year represents a fresh start and presents a new opportunity to create the life and career you want”. I 100% agree. Each year all we can do is try our best. I love that come January 1st we get a chance to re-create ourselves and our dreams. If we didn’t achieve all that we wanted to the year before we are given a second chance at it and hopefully strive to be better because of that second chance and the opportunity it presents.

In his No Fear in the New Year newsletter I found so many things Jon Gordon said to be inspiring, so naturally I want to share them in hopes of it possibly doing the same for one of you.


Here are a few of my favorites quotes from the newsletter!

“No longer will I allow fear to paralyze me. Instead of fear I would trust.”

“You will always feel fear. Everyone will. But your trust must be bigger than your fear.”

“All you have to do is jump in with all that you are and all that you wish to become.”

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