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It’s officially fall, my favorite season! Although living in California we don’t get to enjoy the leaves changing colors, we do still get to enjoy all the squash in season. Butternut, acorn, spaghetti, and one of my favorites…delicata!!! It’s that time of the year too where I get full use out of my crockpot because it’s soup season, no matter where we live. It’s also one of my favorite seasons because everything is pumpkin in stores and also in restaurants. I love it! Pancakes, muffins, bread, smoothies, coffee, ravioli, butter, etc.

Speaking of pumpkin…do you need some new ideas on what to do with a can??

I used to love Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte until last year when the Food Babe published an article about what was all in one 🙁


Then once I knew what was inside I couldn’t bring myself to order one again. Sometimes it’s better not to know things like that but I’m happy to know too.

Anyways, since then I’ve experimented with many homemade recipes. I absolutely LOVE chai tea so the other day I made a pumpkin chai tea latte! Granted mine didn’t look as pretty as the picture because I didn’t use whipped cream on top, it was still tasty so I wanted to share.


(photo by: thenourishinggourmet.com) 


If you make the drink and you’re not sure what to do with the leftover pumpkin from the can place it in the fridge for a smoothie later. Add some almond butter, milk, banana, spinach, pumpkin pie spice, and maybe even some honey or vanilla extract for a delicious, healthy pumpkin pie smoothie!

Another favorite pumpkin recipe of mine: pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!


(photo by: paleomg.com) 


What’s your favorite pumpkin recipe?!?!

If you have one I’d love for you to share it in the comments below.

Happy fall everyone!

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