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Back when I was in College I used to LOVE going to either Starbucks or Barnes and Noble to study. I’ve known for quite some time now that milk just doesn’t agree with me so I used to always pay extra for soy milk. I thought I was making a healthier decision but I’ve realized in the last few years after doing some reading on soy that wasn’t the case. You live and you learn, right?!?!

Why is soy bad? Well, almost 90+% of soy is genetically modified and it contains the highest amount of contamination in almost all of our food today. Soy is literally everywhere!!! Practically all processed foods contain soy products. These are some of the common words to look for when reading a label in order to avoid consumption of soy: soy lecithin, soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, texturized vegetable protein, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein.

Why are genetically modified (GMO) foods bad, you may ask. They’ve been linked to infertility, immune system dysfunction, accelerated aging, damage to the intestinal lining, and much more. GMO’s aren’t natural sources of food therefore your body doesn’t recognize it, which leads to your body going into defense mode where nothing good happens.

Guess what else has a high amount of soybean oil in it?? Store bought salad dressings!


What else can you find in these store bought salad dressings besides GMO’s???


High Fructose Corn Syrup (leads to insulin resistance and abdominal fat)

Trans Fat (interferes with fat metabolism, the immune system, and cholesterol levels)

MSG (causes food addiction and other unwanted side effects such as nausea & fatigue)


Interested in reading more…check out the links below. The first site listed is to one of my favorite girls out there today in the world fighting to keep real food and to eliminate all the crap, fake food in our culture; love her!

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Is Soy Healthy


Pay attention to your body the next time you eat something with soy in it and see how you feel. A while back I was in a rush and grabbed a cliff bar on the go to eat and whoa!!! Within an hour I had a headache, felt dizzy, and was having a hard time concentrating. Eeeek!

Looking to get started on making your own salad dressings at home, you can do it!!! It’s super easy and much more affordable! Check out the recipe section of the blog for some examples of my favorite recipes. If making your own is too overwhelming, start with the basic olive oil and vinegar.

Looking for a great, natural product that you don’t have to make? Look no further – Tessemaes!

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(photo by: 

You can order online or look at their store locator to find a location closer to you. In CA it looks like they are located at Ralphs. In AZ I’ve seen them before in Frys. In IL they seem to be located in Krogers. I’ve become an online girl myself lately, love the convenience of it in the busy world we live in today, so I prefer ordering online.










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