I figured it was only fitting that this week’s blog post discuss the effects of sugar on our bodies since I had to test for gestational diabetes today. At the laboratory in town I had to drink this amazing 10 fl. oz. drink filled with 50 grams of sugar! Oh and by amazing I mean nasty. I’ll admit it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be but still…gross.


I then had to wait an hour before getting my blood drawn for the test. It’s amazing how your body actually reacts to sugar if you take the time and energy to focus your attention on it. I’d say within the first 5 minutes of drinking this our little man started dancing away inside and was enjoying the sugar rush. Then, after that hour of waiting in a chair was over baby Cole was barely moving and back to sleep.


Have you ever noticed the effects of sugar?


*blurred vision


*increased thirst

*trouble concentrating 


What happens after about an hour after consumption? Do you crash?

According to Abel James in his recent podcast, sugar is more addictive than cocaine. In the 1900’s the average american consumed 5 lbs. of sugar per year whereas now in the 2000’s rates have increased to more than 150 lbs. of sugar per year!!!

There is a lot of evidence out there on the web about sugar and some reports may be controversial. Various opinions exist about the topic of sugar but the common line is that sugar should be used in moderation as we all know. However, most people tend to use sugar as a drug almost.

If you have some extra time on your hand I encourage you to listen to this fun, lighthearted podcast done with Abel James and guest Barry Friedman on how to detox from sugar and beat cravings. Barry discusses 2 simple hacks for breaking your sugar craving in the moment:

drink 2 glasses of water and/or go for a 5 minute walk.

Other articles to check out about sugar:

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Common Effects of Sugar on our Body

Weight Gain


Sleep Disruption

Addictive behaviors

Skin issues


How to Decrease your Sugar Intake

1. Choose naturally occurring sugars in fruits and vegetables over processed foods.

2. Cook more meals at home and eat out less often.

3. Avoid consumption of sugary beverages such as soft drinks, coffee drinks, energy drinks, fruit drinks such as juice – drink more water.

4. Reduce your carbohydrate intake like breads, pastas, and rice.

5. Pay attention to hidden sugars found in dressings, sauces, and condiments.

6. Take the plunge and do a 30 day sugar detox to interrupt your eating patterns and change your palate.

7. Plan ahead of time and bring your own snacks places.

8. Eat more fats and protein content.


Pay attention to your body!

The best way to figure out how sugar affects your body is take the time to monitor it. Do your best every single day and continually strive towards progress in the future towards eliminating sugar from your diet. For some people that could be doing a cleanse or detox diet such as Whole 30. However, for others that is too drastic of an approach and they need to gradually reduce it over time. Do what works best for you but just be mindful of it. Don’t beat yourself up if you give in to certain cravings. Instead ask yourself “why did I give in to those cravings?” Did you not eat enough protein that day? Did you have a high carbohydrate breakfast?

Praise yourself for your accomplishments and strive for improvement. Since being pregnant I have given in and eaten way more sugar than I’d like to admit. But guess what, it is what it is and I know that I will get my cravings back to normal again. I do the best that I can each and every single day with the increased hormones I’m dealing with and don’t get discouraged. With continual exercise and choosing moderation I know that I am still doing something right.


Choose to make a change

What can you do today to start eliminating your sugar consumption and decrease your addictions? Maybe it’s something as simple as to eliminate the creamer you put in your coffee.

Give it some thought!

Do something good for your body today.


(now tell yourself that over and over again; repeat)


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