Toilet Bombs

This past week it was time to make some more toilet bombs, my supply was nearly gone. It’s taken me a few attempts to make these but I’ve finally figured it out and I love the results I get from them. They keep the grime away and help freshen the smell of your bathroom. They are an easy, natural approach to cleaning, which I love.



  • Baking soda – neutralizes acids and deodorizes (2 cups)
  • Citric acid – helps dissolve hard water stains (2/3 cup)
  • Essential oils: lemon and orange, leaves behind a fresh scent (30 drops each)

When the baking soda and citric acid are combined it provides a “fizzy” effect! It’s pretty neat. Simply drop one of the bombs into your toilet and watch the tab fizz away leaving your bowl fresh and clean.

Items needed:

  1. large bowl for mixing
  2. measuring cups
  3. spoon/whisk to stir
  4. spray bottle with fine mist
  5. silicone mold


Mix the baking soda and citric acid together in a large bowl. Next add the essential oils to the mixture. Take your spray bottle and slowly start to mist the dry powder with water to make a wet sand-like texture. Take this step slow and spray sparingly as you go because you don’t want the mixture to start fizzing away while creating it or it won’t do it’s job later (my first mistake in making these). Test the mixture by squeezing some in your fist. If it isn’t clumping very well add a little bit more water to wet it down. Once the mixture clumps well in your hand transfer it to a silicone mold of your choice. Pack each cell of the mold down firmly. Then, allow the molds to dry for several hours or overnight. Finally transfer each mold into a glass jar for storage (my second mistake, if placed in plastic the air that reaches them through the porous container will break them down sooner than expected and the tabs will lose their efficiency).



drop one of these tabs into a sink filled with some water and scrub away the dirt!

I like to double the batch and have enough on hand for 2-3 months before having to make more.

Enjoy!! Bombs away 🙂



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