Your Life Matters

As a fitness instructor, coach, trainer, and teacher there have been times where I didn’t feel appreciated for all of my hard work in the past. It made me wonder if I was any good at what I was doing or whether or not people liked me. It sometimes made me second guess myself at times too. But then, out of what seemed like nowhere, someone would tell me how I personally affected their life and motivated them to make a change. Whether it was to move more, eat better, try harder, or to follow their dreams. Those are the moments where I remember thinking “this is what I was meant to do” which helped me to continue to believe in myself. It’s taken me years to understand my purpose in this world but I’ve come to realize it has something to do with encouraging others to be the absolute best version of themselves that they can be in a positive, uplifting way. It gives me so much joy to hear someone tell me that I’ve personally encouraged them to live a healthier lifestyle or have pushed them to better in some form or fashion.


That’s my story…what’s yours?!?!

Have you figured out what your purpose is in this crazy world we live in?

Have you had a similar experience happen to you where you positively influenced someone’s life and didn’t even realize it in the moment?


Remember to always believe and tell yourself that:


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…because it does!

We were all put on this earth for some particular reason and whether we know that reason or not each and every one of our lives matter. It’s no mistake that we are alive and living, enjoy each moment and breath.


“You have done such wonderful things, you really have.

You have made differences that you don’t even know about, and you have touched lives that you have forgotten about, but that will never be forgotten by the lives you have touched.

You have inspired others that you didn’t even know were watching and you have taught lessons to others that you didn’t even know you were teaching.

Please be kind to yourself, dear friend. Please take this day to see what is right about you instead of being distracted by what you think is wrong with you.

Please thank your body for carrying you through life, and thank your soul for making everything so meaningful.

Please see yourself, even if just for a moment, in the absolutely cherished way that you are seen by those who love you, and especially by the One who created you.

You are far too hard on yourself. It’s time to treat yourself with the kindness that you deserve.

You are just right, you are beautiful. You are capable and you are strong.

Your life matters and YOU matter.

Please believe it. You are so loved.”

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Thank you for such a beautiful loving post! It was the best way to start my day! You inspire me Tina!


Love this! Going to keep it and reread it on the bad days.